Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Achieve That Flawless Skin Using Rimmel London "Stay Matte" Foundation

Hey girls!

Are you all hyped for the Rimmel London Look search pre-selection rounds happening on the 16th of May?

Are you fanatically browsing and googling for ways and tips to stand out in the crowd and be one of the 12 semi-finalists?

I believe, with such glamour to be crowned in the "Rimmel London Look Search", judges will be paying attention to the smallest detail. Thus, it is important for your skin be at it's best. Flawless skin is key when it comes to applying make-up.

Since the weather in Malaysia can escalate into unbearable heights, it is important to be shine-free for your make-up to stay fresh till the end!

What better way to wow the judges than by using the new Rimmel London foundation, Stay Matte.This innovative new foundation will be able to give you shine-free skin throughout the competition with its upgraded formulations incorporating it's first natural Shine-Control Complex.

The natural Shine-Control Complex combines three botanicals; cotton, to help control excess oil, chamomile, to help calm skin and reduce redness, and cucumber, for it's clarifying properties. Its one-of-a-kind natural properties will be able to soothe and clarify your complexion while absorbing excess oil for 12 whole hours!

As a result, you will be able to keep your skin shine free, flawlessly fresh and matte for the judges when it comes to your turn to show the judges why you should be the winner the Rimmel London Look Search.

The new Stay Matte foundation consists of 5 shades, True Ivory, for fair toned skin, Soft Beige, for medium toned skin, True Nude and Golden Beige for medium to dark toned skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Get fresh, flawless, shine-free complexion and be at your best with Rimmel London's Stay Matte foundation. Just one of the many steps to help you achieve that winning look for the Rimmel London Look search.

Tell us how you fair after using the product, and most importantly, GOOD LUCK GIRLS!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Q and A with the face of Rimmel London Lily Cole

Hey girls! As the starting date for the competition nears, I am sure you are searching for inspiration to create your very own unique "Rimmel London Look" , hence, this is what I am here to help you with.
The makeup artists at Rimmel London draw their inspiration from a bevy for English beauties, one of the most unique beauties to grace the cover of the Rimmel London advertisements is Lily Cole, an international model and actress. She is one of the new leading faces of the year and is known for her trademark porcelain skin and fiery red hair.

Today, we are going to share Lily's opinion on makeup and beauty to inspire you ladies!

Q:What in your opinion are the hottest new beauty looks?

A: Fantastically healthy, glowing skin, with old-fashioned glamour for eyes or mouth. But not both at the same time.

Q: Any top beauty tips for the recession?

A: This works – drinking lots of tap water and getting a good amount of sleep – and both are free. Make-up always looks nicer on healthy skin.

Q: Do you think make-up is an essential part of expressing yourself?

A: I think there are lots of ways you can express yourself and make-up offers one of them. It provides the opportunity to change how you feel and look for a while, and can be a lot of fun – very chameleon.

Q:What would you never leave out of your make-up bag on a night out?

A: Rimmels Moisture Renew, hot red lipstick.

Q: On average how long does it take you to do your make-up in the morning?

A: Five Minutes.

Q: Do you have a specific routine when it comes to make-up that you stick to every day?

A: Usually powder, mascara and some sheer lipstick.

Q: What do you think is the biggest beauty mistake women can make when putting on make-up?

A: Definitely wearing too much of anything – whether tanning products, eye make-up, hair products or foundation.

Q: In your opinion, what is true beauty?

A: Someone who makes another feel beautiful.

Hope this article has helped in giving you the inpsirations you needed for the look you'd want to create for the "Rimmel London Look" search. Remember, beauty on the inside is just as important has beauty on the outside.

Source: RimmelLondonUK

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hints and Tips to recreate that winning " Rimmel London Look"

As the date for the "Rimmel London Look" search draws near, I am sure some of your are excited and are brushing up on your makeup skills! Where as, some of you are still in doubt and are not sure what to expect.

Fret not! As today, we have celebrity makeup artist Liz Pugh to give you hints and tips on how to achieve that show-stopping eyes using Rimmel London cosmetics
Liz Pugh is one of the most influential makeup artists in the world to have worked with the likes of French and Italian Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. She has also created campaigns for Kenzo, Killer Miss Sixty, Guess and Paul Smith and worked with celebrities Thandie Newton, Racheal Weisz, Kelis, Keira Knightly and Victoria Beckham.

Q: How can I create new looks to really emphasis my eyes?

A: Makeup's all about experimenting and having fun! Play around with the Colour Rush Mono Metallics Eyeshadows. They're amazing over your eyelids. Use Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencils if you want a stronger colour. Play the colours up with Lash Maxxx Extreme Black Mascara and your ready for a night out in town!
Q: How can I get the model look without making a smudgy mess?

A: The smokey eye look is a really easy way to look made up. Apply a Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in a colour that you like over the entire lid, and gently dab a little gloss over the top. Use black kohl in the inner rims of the eyes , then curl your lashes and coat your lashes generously with any Rimmel London mascara of your choice.
Q: What are the top tips for eye makeup this season?

A: This season's all about black. Whether it's a perfect liquid line, as seen on the runways of Louis Vuitton, or an Amy Winehouse inspired smudgy black line. It's hello punky, edgy eyes and goodbye girlie makeup!

Q: What is the best mascara?

A: Depends what type of effect you would want to achieve for your lashes. My favorite is Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara! It is easy to use and it gives your lashes a full blown effect.

Q: How do you put on eyeliner?

A: Always wipe your pencil first to soften up the tip. Gently pull down the rim of the eye and draw along. If you can manage that, drawn a line on the inner top lid to create that great smoky eye look.

1. Colour Rush Mono Metallics Eyeshadow
2. Lash Maxxx Extreme Black Mascara
3. Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil
4. Glam'Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara

With all the hints and tips that you have received, recreating the "Rimmel London Look" should be a breeze. It is your turn to shine so come and show us what you've got and be the winner of the "Rimmel London Look" search!

Source: RimmelLondonUK

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spotlite Teen Idol road show at Asia Cafe

The students from Taylor's, Inti, Metropolitan college were eager to sign up and participate in the "Rimmel London Look" search. Amongst Despite all the excitement and commotion, we were lucky to able to interview Vivi Cheng, a business student who is in her first year of university.

Q: Do you wear make-up to university every day?
A: Yes, I do! I feel it's important to take the time and effort to wear a little blush and mascara. It is a great confidence booster!

Q: When did you start getting interested in make-up?
A: When i was young, i used to go to my mom's make-up bag and put on her lipstick. I have always been feminine and to be honest vain! I started wearing make-up at the age of 17 and haven't look back since. It is a great way to enhance and highlight your features.

Q: What is your must have make-up item?
A: For me it's blusher! When I wake up early in the morning for classes, I look pale and washed out. When I pop on some blusher on my cheeks, I look fresher and more alive. If I have to choose another, It would be mascara. A little swipe of mascara on your eyelashes certainly goes a long way!

Q: What is your daily make-up routine?
A: I always make it a point to apply my make-up on a clean face, right after I have cleansed, toned and moisturized. Firstly, I start with a little concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes, followed by some mineral foundation powder. Then I highlight my eyes by applying eyeliner close to my lash line and a pearl colored eye shadow on to my eyelids. When the eye liner and eyeshadow has set, I apply two coats on mascara my eyelashes. A swipe of pink blush on both of cheeks completes the look.

Q: What made you interested in joining this competition?
A:This is a good opportunity for me to test my make-up skills. This competition is interesting because we are actually given the opportunity to create our version of the "Rimmel London Look" . I am sure there will be many beautiful and unique results.

Q: Do you have a message for the "Rimmel London Look" blog readers?
A: This competition is a good opportunity for make-up enthusiasts in Malaysia. If you love make-up as much as I do, come down to the road shows and register!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spotlite Teen Idol roadshow at KDU

KDU college in Damansara was the host of the Spotlite Teen Idol roadshow on the 13th of April. Contestants crowded the booths as they waited in line to register for the "Rimmel London Look" search. Participants were also seen chatting with excitement about the competition as they waited to get their photos taken.

Curious on-lookers were soon drawn to the booths because of the excitement and commotion created during the 3-hour road show.

Happy contestants with their RM5.00 product voucher exclusively from Rimmel London.

The registration forms that were available during the event.

Check out the roadshows that will be heading your way! You might just be the winner we are looking for.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Create that winning look and be in the spotlight with Rimmel London

Think you have the most edgy and trend-setting "Rimmel London Look" and an equally appealing personality to be crowned in the "Rimmel London Look" search? Then head on down to our road shows in the selected colleges, register to be a Spotlite Teen Idol contestant, and be in the running to win a total of RM1000 cash and prizes!

Once you have been selected as on of the 12 semi-finalist, you will be given an exquisite Rimmel London make-up kit to create your unique "Rimmel London Look". Rimmel London has an array of products that will be able to cater and suit different skin tones and help you create unique looks for this competition.

When you are satisfied and confident that you have created the perfect "Rimmel London Look", email the following items to the Spotlite Teen Idol organisers at
  1. One close-up photo of yourself sporting the "Rimmel London Look"
  2. One full-body photo of your unique rendition of the "Rimmel London Look"
  3. A blog entry of 200 words, entitled "This is my 'Rimmel London Look" because...". Contestants are encouraged to share their experience on how they have created their unique look using Rimmel London products.
All entries will be available for public viewing at the Spotlite teen Idol Blog and Rimmel London Look blog.

Bring your friends down to support and cheer you on at the semi-finals of the Spotlite Teen Idol on the 10th of July at Sungai Wang, where you and the other contestants will be battling it out on the runway.

Photos of you and five other finalists who have successfully created the show stopping "Rimmel London Look" will also be posted on the Spotlite website for public voting. The voting period begins on the 10th till the 30th of July.

The grand finals will be held at Sungai wang on the 31st of July and a panel of judges will then decide who will win the "Rimmel London Look" search based on the votes accumulated and the candidates' performance.

What are you waiting for! Show us your talent and make up skills, and seize the opportunity of a lifetime to be crowned the winner of the "Rimmel London Look" search!

The hunt for the next “Rimmel London Look” search winner begins at HELP University

HELP University was buzzing with excitement as the first road show of the 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol competition kicked off at the main campus. Visitors at the road show were seen trying on A-Look glasses and registering themselves for the Teen Idol competition.

Students from HELP University registering for the 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol competition.

Students who have registered for the competition also received the Magnif'eyes Eye Opening Mascara from Rimmel London worth RM32.90

Potential Teen Idol contestants checking out the activity booths at the recruitment grounds.

If you have missed out on the chance to register, don't worry! Road shows will be happening throughout Klang Vally, Johor Bahru, Penang and Ipoh until the 7th of May 2010. So come on down for the Sptlite Teen Idol road show for your chance to be crowned the winner of the "Rimmel London Look" search!

Click for the 2010 Spotlite Teen Idol search road show schedule.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spotlite Teen Idol 2010 roadshow schedule

Klang Valley

Johor Bahru



Seize the opportunity to register in the following locations for the chance to be a Spotlite Teen Idol! Shortlisted contestants will be given special Rimmel London makeup kits to recreate the London Look. Stay tuned for more tips on how you can be a Spotlite Teen Idol 2010 winner.